• Husband, Father, Grandfather

  • Author, Entrepreneur, Image sensor design/layout engineer, PCB designer

  • Weekend warrior, Turkey hunter, Outdoorsman

  • Musician, Photographer, Tech Geek

  • Having past another mile marker in my fifties (54), I truly count myself blessed and fortunate that I was brought into this world by loving parents who also made sure I was taught right from wrong and hell to pay should I conveniently forget. My father has passed on many years ago, and I miss him daily. I see evidence of things he taught me that I paid little attention to when he was with us. For my own good the examples from both of my parents took, and ingrained in my person. I am grateful that I am in good health (no major maladies or illnesses), that I know enough, willing to learn, and or stumble into a set of skills that allow me to get ahead and earn a decent living.

    I am very fortunate man to enjoy the love and support of a great woman. I follow my dreams wherever they may go, and am lucky for that they are reasonable pursuits. Life has its ups and downs and daily struggles both large and small. I have had my fair share of them. I believe in things much larger than myself, and anything worth having is worth working for. The attribute of picking one’s self backup, dusting off, and having at it again has been a defining one in my quest for living large and a life worth living.

    Mike Joyner President, CEO

    Joyner Outdoor Media

    Town Line Technologies, LLC

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